Wednesday, 7 February 2018

How Andrew Padnick Uses Media Planning for Marketing Applications

To put it quite simply, media planning isn’t rocket science. It is, for the most part, the process of outsourcing work to a media organizations. This kind of organizations specializes in handling work that involves sourcing and choosing ideal media hubs for a growing and maintaining the image of your company, brand or organization in order to drive sales and generate leads.

The main agenda of media planning is to decide what the best mix of media is for the task at hand to accomplish. The task more often than not is to make sure that the marketing campaign achieves all the tasks which have been put forward by you.

The Basics and the Must-haves

The basics of media planning, as Andrew Padnicklikes to think is that of making sure there is not even a glimmer of doubt about the plan that needs to be strictly followed. The media planner primarily needs to consider a number of facts.

The person heading operations needs to make sure a specific audience is targeted and also the amount of audience that will be targeted through a particular advertisement campaign. The person in charge also needs to make sure where should the advertisements be placed in order to gain maximum momentum for the business. The frequency of the advertisements should also be discussed with you before a go-ahead is given. Finally, the monetary aspect should also be considered so that there is no overspending on advertisements for a particular product or service.

The Audience and the Connection

Although some advertisement campaigns need to be specifically targeted, there are some which need to reach everyone or at least a great number of people. Most digital advertisementsreach a great number of people as they are pushed through web-based applications and platform. There are many other factors which need to be considered before pushing for a particular stream of media. Advertising media does enable people to maximize their marketing product but a media planner needs to make sure that the wrong consumers or businesses aren’t targeted through unpopular media. 

Friday, 24 November 2017

Andrew Padnick and Gobclick ink content creation deal with NowPrep LLC

Gobclick wants to help NowPrep empower the world via preparation.
Andrew Padnick’s Gobclick, an innovative Digital advertising shop has signed on to work with NowPrep LLC., an new company founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs looking to create unique products and services to service the emergency preparation marketplace. Gobclick will consult with NowPrep to provide services in both content creation as well as media buying strategy.
Gobclick’s founder, Andrew Padnick previously worked at boutique agency Juggernaut Advertising where he was in charge of business development.  Andrew Padnick will be handling the NowPrep account personally as it’s primary point of contact.  
NowPrep’s executive team recently worked on an educational product that grossed more than $100MM between 2015 and Q4 2017. 
NowPrep believes that the disaster preparation market is underserved and is betting that their unique approach to marketing combined with the current rash of US based hurricanes and wildfires will help grow its customer based rapidly.  
One often thinks of digital scale in abstract terms, but the lack of conventional storefronts gives Andrew Padnick, Gobclick, and it’s clients an unparalleled frontier to explore and conquer. The only limit in producing and acquiring this digital media is the imagination.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

You can follow Drew Padnick to establish a successful business organization

In this competitive market, you may get to see numerous organizations that are coming with new trends and interesting business strategy. If you want to make your organization noticeable, you need to make a unique identity that can catch the eyes of the customers. To spread out your business, you need to know about the recent market and its policies in an elaborate way. Moreover, you need to reach the hearts of the buyers to get a remarkable position in this market. In this case, advertising and social networking can help you greatly.

You can go through some business policies and take the help of the media to draw the attention of the mass. Make some unique points that are exclusive at your organization and try to use them as your weapon against the other companies in this competitive business world. Media planners may help you in this case, and you can take help an experienced professional like Drew Padnick, who is a shining name in this field. Media planners can fix your target audience and can suggest you a way to reach them easily.

How to become attractive and noticeable in the market

When you are thinking of earning more profit in your business and leaving a positive impression on the minds of the customers, then you need to be creative. You can design some advertisements that can highlight the benefits of your product or service and can create the need for it among the mass. You should select your target audience whom you want to serve your product or services and fix your budget first. Then you need to select the media that can be profitable for you and an easy way for reaching the minds of the people. There is various media platform in recent days, and you can use any of them like newspaper, radio, internet, television and more. Drew Padnick is an expert in selecting the right media for an organization. You can use your social networking sites and contacts to get a better response from the clients as well. But you should keep in mind that the benefits of an organization depend on the marketing policy as the whole.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Why Andrew Padnick is the finest name in brand reputation market?

In a broader aspect the very term 'brand' conjures up ideas of industry popular international brands but on the contrary there are certain not-so-big brands are prevailing in the market too. Target clientele of these sorts of smaller brands can be limited in number but to play a steady game in the competitive market, they employ certain marketing traits for securing a constant growth.
However no matter how big or small a brand, what unites them all is their objective to get hold of a unique image that can infuse some sorts of positive urge among target audience. It is exactly where the advocacy of brand management comes in the scene.

What role a brand manager plays?

A brand manager is responsible for the organization and oversight of the brands sales, promotion and building a reputation for the brand. The daily activities of a brand manager depend on the needs of the industry and the product's specifications. If the service provider initiates working with Andrew Padnick he will observe how the experienced marketing professional takes the task up to the highest level of proficiency. He will be responsible for taking crucial decisions related to both marketing and advertising campaigns, decisions related to brand management and sales strategies.

The responsibility of the brands success and failure lies on the shoulders of a brand manager and Andrew’s expertise never let him fail in this maneuver. Being an individual he acts like a high level executive leadership team and has authority to direct the actions of employees at the root level.

Andrew Padnick: a master in creative brand reputation

If you wonder what can separate your company and business from the contemporary competitors, the pertinent answer will be your brand. You need to avail innovative branding to mark a stark visibility in the eyes of the audience. From this singular necessity creative brand management enters the scene. Working with this efficient marketing professional can let you understand how important it is for your business and your bottom line. Accomplish your business aspirations by having some effective marketing tools.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Andrew Padnick - Extensive Experienced Marketing Professional

Andrew Padnick - Experianced Marketing Professional with the Below Talents:

·         Negotiate contracts, advertising media, or products to be advertised
·         Research and plan advertising campaigns
·         Decide which media to advertise in, such as radio, television, print, online and billboards
·         Negotiate contracts
·         Inspect creative elements and layouts
·         Organize market research studies and analyze their findings
·         Develop pricing strategies for products to be marketed, keeping the client’s budget balanced with the firm’s needs
·         Meet with clients to present campaigns and offer advice and strategies
·         Oversee staff and ensure deadlines are met
·         Create interest for products and services and work with sales staff to design advertising campaigns for clients. They also prepare the budgets for these campaigns. There are two types of specialized advertising managers: media directors, who oversee how a campaign will reach customers through the use of various types of media; and account executives, who manage accounts but do not participate in the creative and media output angles of a campaign.
·         Responsible for maintaining a positive public image for their client base and generate press releases and programs to promote that image.
·         Estimate the demand for a product and identify markets in which the product will best thrive and prosper, as well as develop pricing strategies to help maximize market share.
·         Direct and plan programs by using direct mail, Internet advertising, store displays, special events, sweepstakes and contests, social media and endorsements to increase sales and profits.
·         Are responsible for creating and instituting brand assets for a company or product.
·         Direct sales force and set goals and enforce profit projections for the team and for the organization.
·         Study market conditions to explore the potential sales of a product or service and estimate its profitability; gather data about who will buy a product and at what price.